Victoria Pie Co.

Branding / GRAPHICS / UNIFORM & Signage design / Hand-painting and Illustration

Back in the day, before big aggro and international delivery, pie was the package our food came in. Now, with our eye toward climate concerns and local food security, pie is once again leading the way to a better way to eat. The Victoria Pie Company is committed to sustainability by making friends with local farms and orchards and baking their excess produce into fresh pies daily. We took our inspiration from this wholesome process and delivered a brand identity that brought back the joy of sharing food with friends.




Hand made pies call for hand made signage. The pie shop's sustainable sign was pieced together from salvaged wood. The wood sign, glass windows and fabric pennants were all hand painted with our pie-making manifesto and a selection of historic pie-factoids.


The pie shop opened to rave reviews. Those that arrived early we're lucky to get their hands onlimited edition Pie Co. t-shirts screen-printed for the special day.