Kid Sister

Branding / Store Design / Launch Video / Merchandising / Packaging / Social Media  StrategY / Chalkboard Lettering

The only thing more bittersweet than Brett Black’s flavours are your twisted childhood memories. When our friends at the (formerly) Fruition Paletas shop were ready to step up their ice cream game we knew they needed a name that would stick. Just as we hoped, KID SISTER is fast becoming everyone’s summer sidekick.



With flavor pairings like Plum-Pear-Riesling and 'Persian', the adult-as-kid concept evolved throughout the tiny storefront. The new exterior includes austere signage, a coat of matte black paint, and some cheeky window treatments to signal a sophisticated take on the classic childhood treat. Inside, the layout  is designed around the 'Mona-Lisa' of child portraits.


Nothing makes a neighborhood fixture like a built in photo-op. On warm afternoons, the Kid Sister culture spills out into the adjacent parking lot-turned patio where adults can fight over seating like siblings and personal growth is well-instagrammed on the public art feature wall.

Inside, the minimal color palate makes an excellent backdrop for the frequent foodie-photographers helping to spread the word. Come and get your KID SISTER.

The opportunities for celebrating misbehaving adults has proven to be endless and Kid Sister has only just begun. After a successful summer debut, we helped them say their back-to-school goodbye's in this video sign off from the "end of summer" Rifflandia Music Festival.