Cowichan Pasta Company

BRANDING / Package Design

There's buying local and then there's buying local. Matthew Horne has been named one of Western Livings 'Top Foodies Under 40' and he's  been flying the local food flag for a long time. He works exclusively with locally sourced and rare ancient grains like emmer and spelt, hand milling them to make a unique, rustic pasta that is some of the best local fare on Vancouver Island. If you're lucky you'll experience Matt's food prepared fresh at some of the best venues on the West Coast. But after our recent repackaging exercise, it won't be hard to find him on grocery shelves and in freezers everywhere.


Cowichan Pasta's product line up changes with the seasons, but there are always at least five varieties on display at any time. We developed an approach that would work for every selection and make the most impact as a group from any side.

Scaling up for small businesses is tricky. In order to help Matt benefit from the price breaks of a larger production run, we opted to house the entire product line - both dry and frozen goods - in a uniform box design printed with just one colour and used the cost savings to add a hit of gold on our the new logo and monogram designs.

The finished packages, while brand new on the shelves, have the feel of an iconic and wholesome favourite in the marketplace. Just as it should be.